Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Big Brains Never Stop!

I sometimes wonder why my brains never stop working – thinking about a lot of things.

It is really exhausting. I wish I could talk to them and ask them to rest. You know something like, “Hey brains, could you please take a rest!”

I talked to a lady I met at Onion pool and she said intelligent people would always have their brains working. They can’t stop thinking about a lot of things. Coming from her, I definitely take that as a compliment!

We also talked about deprivation tank or float. She recommended to take an extra half an hour as those whose brains think a lot would need about 30 minutes (based on her experience) to settle and feel completely relaxed and present in the tank.

Next time I am in Ubud I definitely will try Ubud Float Garden. Unless, anybody can suggest a place in Jakarta?

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