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Learning to generate knowledge is easy!

I decided to dig my files and read again some of the essays I wrote back when I was studying at the University of Melbourne. I pick a short draft from my first semester for a subject called Trans-disciplinary Thinking and Learning to be the first to share here. The draft was dated 24 July 2007 and was quite messy. However, it was quite interesting to see my thinking and my writing skills back in 2007. So, I decided to do quite a rewrite and give it a touch-up.

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An empathy walk in Makassar

This is a recycled post of my note about the empathy walk I took, back in 2015 when I visited my best friend, Reiko. She used to work as a JICA volunteer in Makassar that was once called Ujung Pandang, the capital city of South Sulawesi. Empathy walk is a stage of the U process, called Co-Sensing, in which ones learn how to open their minds and hearts to see others with new eyes.

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