Why I am An Invaluable Asset

I have been unemployed for almost five months. And this has been a rewarding journey that I have experienced. I keep myself busy with lots of positive activities that contribute to my personal growth as well as to the community I’m part of.

I also don’t waste my time thinking that being unemployed will make it hard for me to find a job. In Indonesia, we often hear that we can’t have a break on our CV. We need to be employed continuously to make yourself worth hiring.

On the other hand, if you travel, you meet a lot of travellers that are taking a break from school or work. They travel to widen their horizon and learn new things. They also believe it will give them valuable experiences for their future career. In fact, employers are open to accepting them as they value the exposures of the applicants as an essential asset to the company.

A couple of months ago, I made an effort to have a chat with the counsellor I met when I had a psychology test for a company as part of a recruitment process. I asked for a copy of my test and had a session with the counsellor again. This opportunity has helped me confirm my understanding of myself and learn more about my potential.

Here is why I believe I am an invaluable asset for any team I work with in the future (in no specific order)!

1. I have an intellectual capacity

Having intellectual capacity does not mean I know everything or I graduate with Summa Cum Laude. It mainly refers to the ability to take significant responsibility and deal with the complexity of an issue. When dealing with a pressing issue, I think fast to look for immediate solutions and alternatives. I also think broad and long term for practical solutions.

2. I work fast and with determination

I look for ways to work efficiently and deliver good quality of work quickly. I am always ready and willing to try new things. I also multitask. And I am eager to take the risk to achieve the goal I want to see. As people have different work style, I’ve learned to share responsibilities based on the different capacity and help others to develop their work.

3. I am assertive

I have the confidence to make the right decision with available relevant information. It requires assertiveness to ensure a decision is made and action is taken. I am also highly motivated and adaptable to changing circumstances.

4. I am open

I have a high curiosity about something new, and I will ask questions to have a better understanding. I like to discuss with people to receive inputs in finding solutions and make an objective assessment.

5. I am social

I like to be in a free and dynamic environment. I am friendly and approachable. I also care about social and environmental justice including animal welfare. It has guided me throughout my career where I always help people to speak their voice and help those in need.

6. I have leadership

I am independent and confident to make a decision on behalf of the team. I make a careful but confident judgement. Despite being quite meticulous sometimes, I can build a helicopter view and make broad analysis, both practically and conceptually.

7. I am a shaper

I think of ideas and plans to bring change whenever I see a room for improvement. I can guide and encourage people to do the best of their ability. I also use my verbal communication skill to influence people to try their best.

All in all, I believe I am more than just what a test confirms. I have many other good qualities that I am willing to share and contribute. I have not really looked for a job; hence my unemployability. But I can assure you that I waste no time at all.

Drop me a message if you think we can work together or collaborate. Check out my online CV proudly developed as Christmas gift by my husband, my biggest fan!

Oleh Devin Maeztri

Community Engagement Specialist at Automattic